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Discover  Syros

Syros is considered the administrative center of the Cyclades and Ermoupolis (village on Syros) is the capital of the archipelago. Despite its relatively large population of over 20,000 inhabitants, the island is quite small, slightly smaller than Mykonos. The island is mainly visited by Greek tourists, but there are also many foreign tourists who come to the island every year.

Syros drone.png

Map of Syros

The treatment from the islanders is friendly and welcoming, you are treated more as an islander than as a tourist. This is probably due to the fact that Syros is not as dependent on tourists as it is on many of the neighboring islands. If you visit Syros, you visit Greece, unlike for example Mykonos and Paros where tourism dominates much more. At Syros, the signs are in Greek and at the cafes, the locals sit and discuss and play chess. You listen to Greek music, eat Greek food and read Greek newspapers.


Syros offers a blissful mix of traditional and modern Greece. The port is located in Ermoupolis (pictured above), which is also the hub of Syros. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants, not least right on the water. Sit down at one of the outdoor cafes and enjoy the environment. For those who want more traditional Greek food, it is recommended to walk a bit into the city, this is where the local gold mines hide. There are also several Gyros places for cheap money for those who want a simple lunch. The city contains many cool places such as a large church, a football field in the middle of the mountains, picturesque small squares and not least beautiful viewpoints. However, the island is no bigger than you have time to experience it in 1-2 days if you would like.

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Syros moppe.png

If you want to get around the island, it is very simple, and cheap, to rent mopeds. But, find the right place. The price can vary enormously. Do not pay more than a few hundred bucks for a day. By moped you get around the whole island and can visit many beautiful places.

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