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Discover the West Coast

We have now opened the bookings for the 2022 season!

Sailing on the West Coast

When the west coast shows its right side, there are not many places in the world that beat it. Here  There are thousands of picturesque, picturesque islands along the entire Bohuslän coast and all the way up to Norway.  


For a long time, the range is great when it comes to entertainment and good food, but you can also find a natural harbor, grill with your friends and enjoy the sunset in peace and quiet. Bohuslän is very beautiful with its red rocks and rich flora. With a little luck, you can also see both seals and dolphins.

We have our boats in our marina on Ringön. Gothenburg is only a few hours from the center of the archipelago and it is only 30 distance to Skagen and 15 distance to Marstrand. Experience places like Smögen, Väderöarna, Gullholmen, Saltön and Käringön. With over 8000 islands, there is much to explore.

Ocean Water

Tour suggestions

Saturday: Gothenburg - Björkö

Sunday: Björkö - Gullholmen

Monday: Gullholmen - Smögen

Tuesday: Smögen - Lysekil

Wednesday: Lysekil - Käringön

Thursday: Käringön - Marstrand

Friday: Marstrand - Gothenburg


Tour suggestions

Saturday: Gothenburg - Åstol

Sunday: Åstol - Käringön

Monday: Käringön - Lysekil

Tuesday: Lysekil - Smögen

Wednesday: Smögen - Valön

Thursday: Valön - Marstrand

Friday: Marstrand - Gothenburg


Stay on a houseboat before or after your sailing.

In the same marina where our sailboats are moored, we also have a bunch of houseboats from La Mare Apartboats lying. ​

Båtar GBG


Welcome aboard the Sea Dream