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The Croatian coast is a paradise for sailors. The Adriatic Sea is deep and has wonderful crystal clear water. There are very few shallows, which makes sailing simple. There are about 40 marinas in Croatia, both privately owned and so-called "ACI marinas". In Croatia, the stern is moored against the pier. At the ACI marinas, there are staff who clearly show where to dock and help so that the experience will be as smooth as possible.


The Croatian archipelago offers thousands of islands with varied nature. High mountains, green lush pine forests and old medieval towns and villages. Many islands have beautiful bays that are great to anchor in for a while for snorkeling among colorful fish and sea cucumbers. You can clearly see the bottom even in several meters deep water. Once out at sea, there are good chances to see dolphins playing in the turquoise blue water.

​ Usually the wind speeds are about 4-5 m / second in the morning and then increase a few seconds later in the day and then decrease again. The wind you should keep an eye on is Bora. The bora wind blows strongly northeast from the hinterland towards the coast. It is wise to add to a port and enjoy what the port cities have to offer while Bora blows.  

The best season for sailing in Croatia is early summer, with good winds in May and June. July and August will be warmer with light winds, ideal for those who want relaxing sailing. September is like Swedish summer.


Adriatic sea

The Adriatic Sea is a large bay between Italy on the west side and the Balkans on the east. Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are countries that all border the Adriatic Sea. Croatia's major port cities along the sea are Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik.

The Adriatic Sea was named after Adria, a city that used to be a port on the Italian coast, but is now 38 kilometers inland. This is a consequence of various geological forces that cause a constant rise of the north coast and a constant fall of the south coast.  


The coast of Croatia is characterized by mountains, cliffs and numerous islands, while the coast of Italy is flatter and characterized by lagoons and wetlands.  The Adriatic Sea is 783 km long with an average width of 160 km. It is very salty but rich in seafood. Sardines, lobster and tuna are common catches. Normally, the Adriatic Sea is clean and clear, but in the areas in the north there is some algal bloom.

Our bases

Charter types Croatia


Without skipper

For you who want to be your own captain on the boat. Sailing without a skipper is our most popular option.  Previous experience required.

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With skipper

For you who want to sit back and hand over the responsibility to the expert. Sailing with a skipper requires no previous experience.

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With crew

For you who want as luxurious a life as possible. This option is only available at some destinations. No previous experience required.

When you book one of our boats, we will of course help you produce route suggestions according to your wishes. We suggest islands, places, restaurants and sights and help you from thought to reality.


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