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Image by Jörg Angeli

Experience Denmark

Sail in Denmark

Juelsminde Harbor in Denmark. The Danish archipelago with its unique mix of landscapes is one of the more beautiful sailing areas in the Baltic Sea. The small, cozy, harbors are usually not far from each other in a varied sailing area where small idyllic islands alternate with small villages.


The charter base in Juelsminde is conveniently located as a port of departure. Some of the Danish islands worth visiting are Tunø, Samsø, Endelave, Läsø and Anholt. Of course we help you with route planning if desired.  

The old trading town of Juelsminde offers good shopping opportunities, a long sandy beach, restaurants and cafes. Worth a try on arrival is the ice cream in the harbor. Famous in the area. Let yourself be enchanted by Denmark with nice and helpful people in an idyllic environment.


Boat models 2021 Juelsminde

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