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Welcome to Stockholm

In the 2022 season, we will open our new base in Saltsjöpir Marina. Of course, we want to celebrate this with a 5% discount on all bookings until the end of December. In the Stockholm archipelago there are over 30,000 islands - experience the best with us.
Welcome to the capital!

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Sailing on the East Coast

Stockholm's archipelago is the largest in Sweden with about 30,000 islands, of which 200 are inhabited. Only the Archipelago Sea in southern Finland is larger. The archipelago begins in Södermanland and follows the coast up to Uppland. Stockholm's archipelago is usually divided into three parts, the northern, the southern and the central part.


The northern archipelago is most often referred to as Vaxholm as a starting point in the south and Norrtälje in the north. If you talk about the southern archipelago, it is usually between Dalarö down to Nynäshamn you talk about. Between Vaxholm and Dalarö are the islands that are popularly the middle part.


As you can see on the map, our base is in the middle part, more specifically in Saltsjöbaden, perfect wherever you want to sail. Some distance away is Sandhamn, the east coast's equivalent of Marstrand. Vaxholm, Utö, Möja and Finnhamn are other well-visited islands in the vicinity.

If you are at sea for several weeks, there are many options. South of Stockholm's Archipelago is the beautiful St. Anna's archipelago - if you are down there, it may be worth sailing over to Gotland. North of Stockholm is the so-called and special High Coast. 

Welcome to Saltsjöpir Marina

Our new base in central Stockholm!

Discover the best of the archipelago

With over 40 years on the water, we can recommend the absolute best from them

the Swedish archipelagos . When you book a boat with us, we are happy to help you develop a route that suits your wishes.  Feel free to read more about some of our favorite places on the east coast below.

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Vaxholm is its own urban area in Uppland and the center can be experienced within walking distance of the guest harbor. A relaxing archipelago town with a large selection, no matter what you are looking for.

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A historic island in a fantastic location. In Sandhamn there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops but the island is large and for those who want peace, Sandhamn is a place for you too.

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On Ingmarsö is the relaxing archipelago idyll and the living archipelago. Here you are protected from all winds and can enjoy fantastic sunsets in peace and quiet.

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Sometimes referred to as the gateway to paradise. Dalarö is the place where history and the future meet. There are three guest harbors with fantastic service and incredible facilities. 



One of the nearest archipelago islands, often a good stop last night. Here there is plenty of food, crafts and fantastic nature. A popular place for both Stockholmers and tourists.

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That Grinda is one of the most popular destinations in the archipelago is understandable. The guest harbor is very nice and from here it is close to both beaches, cliffs and walking paths.

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Sail with skipper

If you choose to sail with a skipper, no previous experience of sailing or boating is required. The skipper, with great knowledge of the archipelago, will take you to fantastic places according to your wishes. A plan is laid out in Saltsjöpir Marina before departure, after that you just have to sit back and enjoy. For those of you who are interested, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn to sail!

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